Tuesday, April 10, 2012


How many times have you fallen asleep wondering what tomorrow will bring, or thinking about your to do list for the next day. Well, I typically have the opposite problem. I fall asleep wondering about the past, thinking about all the to do lists that I have forgotten. Not just forgotten because of amnesia, but forgotten because I am human and had a really bad memory on a day to day basis. Last night, and I'm sure for many nights to come, this was more even MORE of a problem than usual  because I am currently going through everything I own getting ready for a yard sale. I will be consolidating my household with my sister's and don't feel like storing a TON of stuff while I get myself back on my feet.

While I'm going through the boxes that my best friends packed so lovingly and carefully, I'll suddenly remember the most random things. Things like "Oh, man! I never got around to cleaning out that crock pot. Guess that's why I haven't seen it." or "Wow, I'm shocked this dish is clean, I'm pretty sure it had chicken in it when I disappeared." or "Geez, I remember that this needed to be thrown in the washing machine." Random stuff from a to do list that never materialized.

The down side to all of these thoughts flitting in and out of my brain as I'm going through all of this STUFF that I own is that last night I don't think I actually rested all night. Instead I was taking care of things from random to do lists that for one reason or another didn't get done in my previous existence. This is what I dreamt about all night. Getting my to do list done. Makes me miss the surreal dreams of being in the middle of a shopping trip and waking up in the hospital with no recollection of how I got there (I don't remember waking up in the hospital very clearly, but my brain likes trying to re-enact it regularly.)

I'm exhausted today. I ran about 15 years worth of errands and cleaned 15 years worth of to do list items in ONE NIGHT!!

I think that makes me Superwoman.  I deserve chocolate. Lots of chocolate!

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  1. Yes, you do deserve your chocolate!!!

    <3 Bon


GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.