Hey y'all!!!  We all need a laugh every once in a while.  Here are my favorite places to get a giggle. I will add to this list periodically, so check back often.

CakeWrecks - I am amazed every time I open this site. Sometimes even in a good way.

TheBloggess - When I'm not hysterically laughing, I'm usually crying (sometimes I'm crying because I'm hysterically laughing.)

Eggton - Laughs and recipes to try to make while you're laughing. Just try not to burn down the house.

Ill-Advised - Also written by Jenny Lawson (TheBloggess). With or without kids, this never fails to be squirt-milk-out-your-nose funny! - I never fail to find something weird AND funny on this site.

Epbot - Okay, this one isn't so much funny as just COMPLETELY FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Pintrest - Not guarenteeing laughs on this one either, but you might find it interesting where my mind goes sometimes.

*Clean* Funny Pics - Hilarious, updates every hour, and you never have to worry about what the kids might see or read on your computer screen. Check her out on Facebook too!

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.