Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dang, I Missed It

So, because I haven't been paying much attention to my blogger account, I managed to miss when my count reached 13,000 views.

I know some people are thinking, "You've had this blog for 3 1/2 years and only just reached 13,000 views. Psh, whatev." (or perhaps you're saying this out loud. If so, please see a P-sychiatrist (Helloooooooo, Nurse) because I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!) If you think that, then stop being all judgy and stuff. 13,000 is a big deal to me. I've managed to reach a lot of people with this blog, and I hope they understand amnesia (and maybe now bipolar) a little better through my angsty/crazy/silly/giggly/serious/weird worldview.

I had someone tell me recently that I should write this stuff out for others to read because my life has been a bit crazy. I should have told them that I do write it out......for people to read......for free......because I'm awesome like that.

Enjoy the awesome.

Love Amber/Sarajane.

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GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.