About This Blog

If you're here as a disbeliever, that's okay. If as a disbeliever you insist on telling us what you think, don't go whining to your mommies when we tease you for it. If you're here as someone whose loved one is suffering from amnesia, welcome. I'd like to know your side of things, too. If you are a sufferer of amnesia, welcome to the club!! Here you are well liked, even though there is every possibility one or more member may forget they or you were in the club to begin with and will try to re-enroll. Then we will have to break the news to them that we know more about them than they do.  It's fun being in the forgetful club, isn't it?
"Here's to not knowing who any of you people are!!"

Since being diagnosed with amnesia I have dealt with a lot of cruel comments and ridicule for something over which I have no control. When I couldn't find anyone who understood to support me through the worst of this, that was just devastating. That is why I created this blog. My family was and still is wonderful, but none of them really know what it feels like to be where I am in my life. I would never want them to. Some days are okay, some are horrible, some are just somewhere in between. Just when I feel like I have everything under control, life (well, my brain anyway) throws me another curve ball and I have just another thing to understand/sort out in my head.

For those that don't believe, try to keep an open mind and read away. It's not easy opening myself up this way, and I know there are people out there who will make it harder. I thumb my nose at those people, and do what needs to be done.

For the families of those dealing with amnesia, you should read this blog too. This will hopefully give you an inside look at what they may be thinking and feeling. This has been hard on all of you in a way I cannot fathom just as much as you can't truly understand me no matter how much I put my feelings into words for you to read.

For everyone like me......Depression, anxiety, and anger are normal emotions to go through. If you are having trouble finding a counselor or therapist to help you in these difficult times, let me know. I'm no expert, but I am willing to do the foot work that you may not feel capable of at this time. There are a lot of services that you can avail yourself of at little to no cost to you. If none of those are available in your area, there are many charitable services willing to help out. We will help you get the help you deserve!

"This will only hurt a tiny bit. You aren't a bleeder are you?"

I won't necessarily post every day. I also won't necessarily post just once on any given day. Not because I forgot that I posted already (I swear, I'm really not that forgetful) but because I have a lot that needs to be said.  If people e-mail me and give me permission to post their infomation (anonymous is just fine, if you don't want your name out there), I will gladly share your stories, too.  Suggestions for "Laughs" happily accepted. We all need good laughs. Share them when you can, you've lost nothing in the process.

Enjoy your peek into my mind, and try not to get lost. I have enough noise in there without listening to you calling out to see if anyone can hear you and help you get out of the mess you're in.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.