Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Screwy, but OK

Does anyone else find it as weird as I do that my fight or flight instinct is pretty skewed (made fairly obvious by my last post), but I still managed to make my way home. No I didn't do it the easy way, probably because I never do ANYTHING the easy way, but I still made my way home. As much as my subconscious wanted to get away, it didn't want to stay away. I'm not just talking about family. For Pete's sake, I was in Georgia and I still went back up to the freezing weather up north. Obviously, I missed it or something.

Well, I'm doing it again, only in a more conscious way. I am moving back up north. Going back to home sweet home. I realize it's been warm up there this week, but that's what we call a freak weather event. Winter is not over in Michigan despite signs to the contrary. Down here in Georgia however, it is spring. Albeit, temporarily with summer type weather, but spring in March! Me being the glutton for punishment that I am, I am voluntarily moving away from this beautiful weather. All because I love my kids.

Now, my friends are not to take this as meaning that I don't care about them, and if you do I will have to come beat you to prove otherwise :-}!! I love the fact that there is the wonderful bonus of being near you all again and ideally seeing you all on a regular basis, but the pull that is drawing me back to the frigid north is the fact that living this far south prevents me from EVER seeing what I miss the most. The more I get my memory back, the more I miss spending time with my kids. Being back up there where I can see them play their sports, go to school events, talk to them face to face, give them real hugs and kisses (except for my oldest boy who is at that age where all girls, even moms, have cooties. Sigh, I missed my last few chances to hug and kiss him in public without embarrassing him horribly. On the bright side, I feel that part of my duty as a mom is to embarrass my kids in public as much as possible, so I will likely still trap him in a bear hug and give him a kiss on the cheek in public because I can. Muahahahahahaha!!! Ahem, okay....I'm back.)

I really am looking forward to living back in Michigan. I missed having snow on the ground this winter, but I'm painfully aware that by the end of January I will be ready to take a flamethrower to the yard in an attempt to rid myself of the fluffy white stuff. It is a proven fact that by the beginning of February 99.5% of Michigan residents are so sick of snow that they all feel the same way and will most likely applaud my actions once they have stopped running away because the realize the crazy woman with the flamethrower is in fact after the snow and not them. (It is also a fact that 98.7% of statistics are made up on the spot, but that isn't really relevant at this time.)

So, to all those people that miss me, but didn't figure I'd ever want to leave the sunny south.....YOU WERE WRONG! NYA-NAA-NA-NAA-NAAA! Um, I mean, I'm happy to report that you were mistaken in that assumption, and I will be seeing you in a few months to prove it.'s what I meant.

In the meantime, I need a way to earn money to get myself moved up there. Therefore I am announcing that I am selling Avon.....and pleading with you all to help me make this a super successful venture! I have a few things for you all, my customers.

First is my Referral Rewards Program. Once you are an established customer (aka. have placed your first order with me), if you refer a new customer my way and they place an order (no matter the size) you will get an entry (one entry PER referral, so if you refer 30 people you get 30 entries) into a drawing at the end of the month for a gift certificate totaling anywhere between $5-$25, the size of the certificate depends on the number of referrals received within the month. This works for out of town customers (direct deliver e-customers) and local customers. This is a monthly chance to get free stuff from me!  Everyone loves free stuff, and the great thing about this giveaway is that the free stuff is your choice! Winners will be announced the first day of the following month by e-mail and on my Facebook page. Please be sure I have your e-mail address to send you the weekly raffle updates on prize amount and any other giveaways I may have to announce.

Second is my Representative Referral Rewards. If you refer someone my way and they sign up as an Avon Representative under me, you get a $5 gift certificate with their first $50 submitted order. That gift certificate goes up to $10 if their first order is $100!! How much easier can I make it to get free stuff? Well, I can't think of anything, but if you do, please feel free to let me know. I'm always open to new ideas.

Third is my March Basket giveaway. Summer is peeking it's head early this year and in celebration I am giving away a chance to get your feet sandal ready. For every order of $30 or more ($35 for direct deliver e-customers) between now and March 29, you will earn one entry into my Footworks "Get Your Summer Feet On" Giveaway. This gift basket contains FW Thermal Exfoliating Scrub, FW Pedi Peel Pads, FW Lavender Overnight Cream, FW Lavender Clay Mask, FW Lavender Foot Soak, FW Creamy Powder Lotion, and 2 Nailwear Pro Minis in Real Red and Cotton Candy. Product value is $37 (with taxes and fees this would be a $40 value) free to the winner of the raffle. An amazing opportunity to get your feet summer ready at no additional cost to you!!

Drop my a line at ak_gerweck(at)att(dot)net if you would like me to order you something, or hop on my website to place your own order. Online orders can be direct deliver or you can have it sent to me and I will deliver it directly to you.


  1. Of course I am happy to be reading this. :-) I cannot help financially, but I am your legs as the time grows closer if you need someone to check on properties, see if they're actually fit for habitation, etc. so please, please don't hesitate as you make plans. And of course, once you are here you know I am around. Looking forward to FINALLY having a close friend actually physically close again! Love you!!! Your Runt

    1. I miss you, too, Runt! And, don't worry. You will be my go to girl for my MI legs until I can be there in person. Much love, your Rita!


GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.