Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Bet You Thought My Brain Had Melted or Something

So, I did it. I made it through the first three Star Wars films.  It was grueling work, but very worth it to have a conversation with my 10-year old son that I was able to contribute to and understand without having to ask a million questions that normal mothers probably never have to ask.  Questions like, "Who's Anakin Skywalker?" and "Why does Yoda talk like that?" (I realize that noone knows that answer to that one, but I didn't before I realized he just always has.)  Here are my opinions of the first three movies. 

#1.  It was okay. The special effects were good and the acting was something I could handle.  I wanted to shoot my television after a while thanks to Jar Jar, but decided that it wasn't my televisions fault that he was so annoying. Then, I wanted to shoot Jar Jar, but since he's a fictional character, I had to just get up and do some kickboxing instead. It helped, but not enough. I still think it's weird that a 9-year old Darth Vader built C3PO and that he was actually being passed off as some sort of virgin birth or something. Maybe I misunderstood that part. Easy to do as, by then, my brain was in defensive mode. "We just need to get through this. If we can survive this, we can survive anything!!" And, indeed we did. I chose not to tell my brain at that point that we had 5 more movies to go.

#2.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Could the kid playing Anakin be anymore wooden?!?! Here I was dreading Jar Jar, but there was very little annoying floppy eared thing in this movie. (I love that fact that Padme even cut him off when he was trying to make a speech. You go, Girl!) Instead what we end up with in this movie is "Mr. Monotone" who happens to be playing the main character. There weren't really any redeeming qualities in this film. The action scenes were for the most part rather lacking in actual tension creating action, and were in fact completely predictable. The love story was insipid and made me want to just gag. And, worst of all, the special effects left much to be desired. How could they actually appear to get worse between the first and second movie. I am so disappointed. Well, disappointed that my brain didn't explode to make the torture just end already!

#3. He learned how to use inflection. It's amazing what a few acting lessons will do for a person!! The special effects picked back up again, the action sequences were much better, and the love story gained my interest (mostly because it wasn't threatening to send me into a diabetic coma anymore.) This movie has been my favorite so far. That's not saying much considering how much I didn't like the other two movies, but it was a vast improvement.  By the way, I did not realize that Chewie and Yoda were old friends. How weird is that?

Now onto movies 4-6 that were actually movies 1-3/chapters 4-6, because movies 1-3/chapters 1-3 didn't exist.  Now I'll really get to see what all the hubub is about, because these are the movies that everyone says were "the good ones". I don't expect anything special from the special effects, seeing as these came out when I was little, and eighties effects are laughable at best. Still, looking forward to moving forward with no danger of running into Jar Jar ever again (but if Luke is half as whiney as his dad, I may still have to fight the urge to shoot the TV. Just sayin'!)

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  1. I want to have an opinion about this but I'm afraid if I express it either my husband will call me a geek or Sean will make me sound like a moron. So while I have opinions galore I will keep them to myself because I hate being made to feel stupid.


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GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.