Friday, May 4, 2012

TV - As Vital As Google

Here's something new. TV shows are starting to come back to me. Not overall synopses, but individual episodes. I'm currently watching Star Trek: TNG to relearn what I liked and why. Loving it so far. All of the sudden, I remembered (while doing dishes, if we want to make this even more random) the episode where counselor Deanna Troi has a baby. No reason to remember it, just out of the blue it popped into my head.  
Up to this point I wasn't remembering anything that wasn't directly related to me on it's own. I would remember someone telling me something because they told me at some point in time. I would remember things that I did. I could even remember whether or not I had watched a show sometimes (though not as frequently as I would expect). I didn't remember news items until I heard/read about them again. Then I would usually have to go look them up to get the full story. I didn't remember information on shows I watched as a kid, just that I'd watched them, and individual episodes...forget it!

This is an interesting development for me. Nothing life changing or astounding, just one of those little things that pops up out of the blue. It simultaneously makes me happy and sad (that I forgot in the first place.)

Overall an interesting new discovery. Now I'm gonna have to start thinking really hard on other shows I watched to see if I can remember any episodes that really made an impact.

Update: Punky Brewster - the episode with the black shiny cloud monster with the red eyes in the cave. Creepy, especially the spider. Pretty sure that's when my fear of spiders started, just didn't get full blown until I watched Arachnaphobia. Yuck!

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GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.