Monday, May 7, 2012

The Truth is Out There

If someone was professionally diagnosed with ADD, would you believe them? How much respect do you think you would lose if you publicly denounced that person? How about someone diagnosed with depression or anxiety?  There are no physical tests to prove that people have any of these ailments, yet people believe when others say they have them.

People aren't accused of saying they have ADD so they have an excuse for not being able to hold a thought or stick to a project. In fact, that is why people are diagnosed with ADD. It is because of their behavior and the observations of others.

People aren't accused of saying they have depression so that they can lie in bed all day and not do anything with their lives. In fact this is why people are diagnosed with depression. Because they can't stop being sad about things, and so tend to stay in bed and try to block out the rest of the world.

People aren't accused of saying they have anxiety so that they don't have to work, but can instead stay at home, relax, and avoid tense situations. In fact, they are diagnosed with anxiety because they have such trouble handling tense situations.

Yes, these are simplistic views of these mental illnesses. Not every situation is the same. However, the statements attached to them are true. People aren't accused to saying they have a mental illness for gain. That is because mental illness gains nothing. These are all difficult situations to deal with.

Years ago, this wasn't the case. People with these illnesses were called lazy, stupid, and treated as though they didn't care about anyone else. It took years of advocacy to encourage others to view them for what they are, true illnesses that need to be treated. Sometimes chemically, sometimes not. Each case being unique, it is determined person by person what is to be done to help those suffering.

I have been professionally diagnosed with amnesia. Specifically Transient Global Amnesia. Other people out there have been diagnosed with amnesia as well. Most keep their diagnosis quiet because of the ridicule we receive. We are disbelieved, called lazy, told that we only claim this because we want a fresh start in life. I don't know who decided that last one was a legitimate excuse for not believing us. There are no do-overs in life. We all just have to keep moving forward.

This isn't just something I say for kicks. I have been PROFESSIONALLY diagnosed. Yet people ridicule me and loudly proclaim they don't believe. Those same people are applauded for standing up and speaking their mind, but if they were speaking out against ADD, depression, or anxiety they would be called heartless and uninformed.

I hereby declare you naysayers heartless and uninformed.

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GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.

GROUP HUG!!!! Friends make everything better.